• Eavesdropping detection
  • Blueguard- a VIP program for our clients. In this program you obtain a card with your number that allows you profit from extra service. For example, we can transport both you and your car and safeguard private property or car under advantageous conditions.
  • ONI System - monitoring and saveguarding of cars. This product allows complete control over your car park and its logistic management with cost savings of about 20%. With the aid of the ONI System the precise car-monitoring can be accompanied by a detailed on-line driver's report book. In case you utilize the guarding-service, the largest emergency squad (presently 150 emergency cars for the area of the Czech Republic) is fully at your disposal. As we apply three ways of transmitting the data from the attacked car, the localization of the car is quick without the danger of damaging and loss of the data.
  • Safe - Cash, documents and valuable objects are deposited in a specially secured safe.
  • KRIMISTOP - The aim of this program is to fight against the property criminality through individual identification of the most frequently stolen things (cars, bicycles, computers, antiquities). Thanks to right placement of iron microdots and chips we achieve exact identification of the original owner. One of this project’s contractual partners is the Police of the Czech Republic. Therefore, large expansion and effectiveness of the project can be expected. Very soon this program is going to become a standard service demanded both by customers and insurance companies. Our company became a sole representative of the guarding- and identification system for the regions of Plzeň and Karlovy Vary.
  • Delivery of ready-made meals

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