• Central Defense Console – guarding 24 hours a day using all ways of data transmission and our own trouble gang. The Central Defense Console works on the basis of the electronic security system (EZS) that has been installed in the safeguarded object. This system is linked-up to the radiophone Central Defense Console. We also use GSM and GPRS nets, phone lines and the Internet. This technology is guarded and secured by permanent guard in the seat of our agency. We continuously monitor the guarded objects and save all events on harddisc for possible researching.
  • managing routine maintenance of your realities (control of the object, care of your greenery, swimming-pool etc.)
  • Handyman
  • cleaning service (wet/dry carpet cleaning, cleaning of jalousies, shopwindows etc.)
  • patrol service (controlling objects by car-watch)


  • TICK – Tracker
  • electric inspection (inspection of electrical installations to CSN 331500, inspection of electrical appliances to CSN 331610, inspection of lightning conductors to EN 62305, inspection of PZTS earlier (ESS), EPS - DIN CLC / TS 50131)
  • bodyguarding
  • representation of the clients during their negotiations with the Police of the Czech Republic
  • ensuring of judicial aid
  • babysitting

You can expect further information from HLS during a face to face meeting.